swab I BarceLone I 09.2018


Artistes Exposés

Amandine Guruceaga

Tealia Ellis Ritter

Côme Clérino

Benjamin Ottoz

Manoela Medeiros

SWAB_Double V_Medeiros_Guruceaga_Clérino_Ottoz_Ellis Ritter

Swab Barcelona..

. . is an international art fair that brings together galleries from around the world, curated projects, and collector programs to showcase young, emerging talent in contemporary art.

It is a place to discover the most innovative artistic proposals and meet the local and international artists from all disciplines who are pushing the boundaries of expression and tracing the course of the art scene for coming years.

In 2018, Swab Barcelona celebrates its 11th edition, from 27th to 30th September, welcoming around 60 galleries from 5 continents, close to 20,000 visitors, and a large number of curated programs, prizes, and activities that venture beyond fair walls to bring art to the Barcelona locals.